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What is Growth Consulting?

Growth consulting helps businesses identify and implement strategies to grow their business. Growth consultants use their expertise to help businesses develop and execute growth plans relating to business, marketing, or sales.

Growth consulting can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. For startups, growth consulting can help them get their product or service off the ground and start generating revenue. For established businesses, growth consulting can help them identify new opportunities for growth and improve their existing operations

When do you need Growth consulting?

There are a few Key moments in your business when it makes to bring in a growth consultant :


  • Business is plateauing :If your business is no longer growing at the rate you want it to, a growth consultant can help you identify the reasons for this and develop strategies to get back on track.
  • Facing new challenges :If your business is facing new challenges, such as competition from new entrants or changes in the market, a growth consultant can help you develop strategies to overcome these challenges.
  • Want to expand into new markets : If you’re looking to expand into new markets, a growth consultant can help you identify the best markets for your business and develop strategies to enter those markets.
  • Looking to grow your team : If you’re looking to grow your team, a growth consultant can help you identify the right people to hire and develop a plan for onboarding and training new employees.
  • Looking to improve your profitability :If you’re looking to improve your profitability, a growth consultant can help you identify areas where you can cut costs and increase revenue.

How we can help?

Our motive is enable is to enable every organization in its endeavour to grow. with our knowledge and experience. We work as a team with our clients in understanding our business issues and provide solutions catering to our specific needs.


  • With specific consulting solutions in Sales & Marketing, Operations, Strategy & General Business we cater to all requirements of our clients in various industries.
  • We use various analytical tools and technologies based on the need of the problem and give specific solution. With measurable parameters of growth we work till the goal is achieved.
  • We also help in executing turnkey projects using our widespread operations experience and backward integration capabilities.


Helping an EdTech Client building sales funnel and growth marketing strategy from scratch

Developed an end-to-end Growth Plan for FY24 for an Entertainment Brand

Helped create the Growth Strategy for apparel D2C brand, using unique brand positioning and digital marketing strategy.

Client Testimonials

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Rahul Maheshwari
Director & CEO, DEFI Healthcare

" Bithin's strategic thinking and ability to identify new business opportunities have significantly contributed to his clients financial success. His keen understanding of market dynamics and customer behavior allows him to develop effective sales and marketing strategies that drive tangible results. Bithindra's creative approach and attention to detail have consistently produced compelling marketing materials that resonate with the target audience. His dedication, expertise, and ability to deliver results make him a valuable asset to any client."

Prashant Pandey
Former MD & CEO at ENIL-Radio mirchi

" Bithin understands that business happens when value is created and transacted. He creates value by understanding client problems and developing solutions. He is a good marketing mind. He is aggressive in chasing revenue targets. He thinks big. He's done several very valuable roles in Mirchi."

“The Road to Growth can only be traversed by taking the new and difficult route.”

Bithindra Biswas

Founding Partner

Harvard Business School (Disruptive Strategy) | IIM Ahmedabad & BITS Alumni |

Author (Disruptive Marketing)